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As the anthropologist, it is up to you to determine who were the previous inhabitants of this planet, and if your enemy has a history of visiting this planet.  Who the inhabitants were can give vital clues to how your team can survive this planet and if you can expect a possible attack.  You will need to work with the biologist on your team to determine why this planet was deserted.  Investigate any ruins and/or dwellings on the planet and look for any written records of what happened.  You will also need to work with the military leader in determining resources that can be used for shelter and defense. 

Some questions you should ask are: What type of race of inhabitants were they? How long ago does it appear they abandoned the planet? What kind of society did they have (farming, hunting, nomadic)? Why did they leave? How did they use the land?

As an anthropologist, you are also a historian, so you will want to keep an electronic journal of your time on the planet.  Along with researching the above information, the journal will need to be turned in along with drawings and/or pictures of ruins, artifacts brought back from the planet, and samples of their writing system.

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