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As the leader for this team, your task is to create shelter, organize patrols, identify your enemy and make the site your team has decided to inhabit secure, and identify materials to aid in defense and shelter.  You need to be able to use the natural resources of the planet.  In addition, since you hold all weaponry, you will need to hunt. 


As the leader, you need to work with each member of your team and base your decisions for security, shelter, and hunting on their findings.  This could change day to day.


Some questions you should think about as a military leader are:  How can your team remain undetected from the enemy? Will you use the natural terrain as part of your defense? How? Will the weather/climate change your strategy? When and how will you hunt? What kinds of resources will you be looking for and why?


Along with researching the above information, you must submit an official, typed report that contains who/what the threat was, how you managed that threat, where did you take shelter, how did you use the planet's resources (what resources were there), and what did you do to keep your team safe.  Include maps of the area your team secured, hunting grounds, and explored terrain.


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