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As the biologist, you must determine what inhabits this planet.  You must also determine what your team will be able to eat and find drinkable water.  Weather patterns will have an effect on the type of wildlife and vegetation you find.

This planet was deserted.  You have to determine if the natural resources, such as animal populations, have been wiped out.  What type of ecosystems are there? Are there distinct biomes on this planet like on Earth? What is harmful to the team (are food sources contaminated) and what is not harmful and why.  You will need to work with the technology specialist on your team to help locate migrating populations, note any geological activity that will change animal behavior or cause water contamination, and keep up on weather patterns that will determine if you need to stockpile food, etc.  How will you be able to manage the ecosystems so that you can continue to get food and supplies?

Along with researching the above information, you will submit detailed descriptions of animals, plants, and environments from your planet (electronic or typed) with pictures.  Tables of pollution levels, temperatures, ozone, etc. must also be submitted.  Include in your report how plant and animal life have been affected by the planet's weather patterns/climate and geological activity.

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