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The Technology Specialist is in charge of obtaining computer readings.  The solar laptop has simulations for environmental effects like weather, ozone levels, earthquakes, tides, etc. 

As the technology specialist, it is up to you to retrieve the planetary information like climate, geological activity, layout of the land, etc.  You also maintain communication devices and try to send a signal for a rescue, and track any possible enemy spaceships.  Finally, you have control of the satellite that can give layout of the planet, take pictures of moons and other astrological objects in space around the planet, detect any ships in the area of the planet, view weather patterns, etc.

Some questions you should think about include: Is the team in any danger from storms, volcanoes, floods, etc.? Are more asteroids likely to hit? How can you send a signal to any possible allied ships? Is it possible to do anything with the Stargate?

Along with researching the above information, you must submit a report (electronic or typed) with graphics of large scale weather patterns, pictures of astrological objects around the planet, mineral composition, geologic maps of the planet, how many moons, if any, how close is the next planet, what kind of star does it circle, what kind of galaxy is it in, and anything else you feel pertinent in the success of the mission.

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